What If There Is No Tomorrow…..A Tribute To Whitney Houston

Today one of the greatest voices of our time will be laid to rest in New Jersey. Whitney Houston was and will always be a true diva and icon. If you want to talk about the purest of breeds let’s talk about her lineage for a moment. Her mother: Cissy Houston. Her cousin: Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin as an aunt to guide her there was no doubt this woman’s vocal’s were touch by God and destined for greatness.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston had a voice that was always a few steps above the rest. Notes she appeared to effortlessly hit, many appeared to work hard to nail down. Her range was unmatched by anyone and not only did her fans know it, Whitney knew it. Once her debut album Whitney was released in February of ’85, with every rung she climbed up the ladder her star became brighter and brighter and the media and fans ate it up. Whitney’s final release Greatest Love Of All became the best selling single of all time and made her album the number 1 selling album of 1986. Seven American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and a Grammy later, Whitney had officially captured our hearts. But she didn’t stop there. The recording booth wasn’t big enough to hold her so she moved on to the big screen. There she filmed The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife, and Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella opposite Brandy as her fairy god-mother.

Whitney was a rare artist that I would joke and say, “Why would I want to go to one of her concerts just to see her sit on a stool and sing?” I said it jokingly but deep down I really meant it. She didn’t need back up dancers, auto-tune or flashy exloding light shows. In the video for “I Will Always Love You” she sat poised on a chair and gave the world chills with her rendition of that song. Nothing fancy, just clips of the movie playing from time to time. Now THAT is greatness. When you don’t have to do ANYTHING and STILL be mindblowing….wow. Not many artists, actually none that I know of, can do that.

And let’s not forget how she made grown men cry. HUGE manly football players to tears with her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. NO ONE….okay let me say that again….NO ONE….to this day has came close to match or surpass her version. As a matter of fact for a while it was played on the radio in regular rotation as if it were a single. What I love most is the huge beautiful smile that spread across her face as she came to the end of the song. She KNEW she nailed it.

As I’m writing this blog because I can’t help but wonder how many of Whitney’s friends had a fleeting thought to call her the day before. Just for anything….to say hey. Ask what she was wearing to the party…etc. But just as they got ready to call got distracted or thought to themselves “I’ll call her later.” or “I’ll call her tomorrow.” Not realizing she didn’t have a tomorrow. Not realizing she wouldn’t be there to answer.

People if you have someone you love, someone you consider a close friend, reach out to them often because they may not have a tomorrow. YOU may not have a tomorrow. Life really is that short. How many times has the phone rang and you looked down at it and sent that person to voicemail because you were busy and you figured you would call them later or tomorrow? What if there is no tomorrow?

The circumstances surrounding her death is not important. The ups and downs of her life are not important. The fact of the matter is, someone’s daughter is gone, someone’s friend is gone. Someone’s niece is gone and more importantly someone’s mother is gone. Whitney’s voice will live on for us fans in the form of downloads and iPod’s when we miss her and need to hear her voice. Her family can’t download her to replace what they’ve lost and I pray they find peace and I pray for her daughter that she is surrounded by loving people and protected and taken care of.

So I pose the question to all my friends, what if there is no tomorrow?

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